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⁣Feds Propose National Draft, Trump Surges to All-Time High In Polls 27 may 2024

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⁣Federal Agency Prepares for Return of Military Draft as NATO Announces Plans to Bomb Russia 26 may 2024

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⁣Bilderberg Expert Daniel Estulin - The Globalist System Is Collapsing In Real Time 24 May 2024

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⁣Jay Dyer Dark Forces— Religion, Technology, And Sexual Espionage 24 may 2024
⁣Jay Dyer and the total scam nature of the World and all it's dimensions as Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires funnel money into their coffers through total spectrum dominance - controlling people through sex, drugs, pedophilia, sexpionage and ending up with the cambridge apostles and Lord Victor Rothshild controlling the apostles with sex, homosexuality and pedophilia, savings and loans, the Fed, the carwash, Ukraine all controlled by sex and drugs...

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⁣FBI Plan To Use Deadly Force Against Trump Blows Up In Deep States Face PLUS, More Globalists Resign After Klaus Schwab Leaves WEF

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⁣China Launches Military Blockade of Taiwan, Flies Fighter Jets Loaded With Bombs Over Besieged Island 23 May 2024
Satanic Nano Tech aerosol injection of all humanity.
Famine genocide.
Satanic printed meat.

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⁣Helicopter Crash Involving Iran President & Top Officials Sparks World War III Fears as Signs Point to Assassination Attempt 19 May 2024

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⁣Weather Weapons Used Against Texans

Ukraine Announces TOTAL Mobilization

King Charles and Jimmy Saville

Total Satanic genocide Chinese Century takeover.

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⁣Globalists Panic, Admit Persecution of Trump Political Fraudulent 13 May 2024

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⁣NATO Operatives Prime Suspect In Attempted Assassination of Fico — Signals Major Escalation In War 16 May 2024

Posobiec - the start of WW3

The Baby Vaccine schedule KIlls Kids!!

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⁣Dr. Naomi Wolf Joins Alex Jones And Exposes The Globalist Blueprint To End Humanity

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⁣The Cure to the Deathvaxx - Dr Judy Mikovits Globalist Depopulation Operation Exposed By Covid Whistleblower

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⁣Giant Solar Flares Approaching Earth - Is This A Carrington Event 10 May 2024

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⁣Interview with Dr James Thorpe - 400 Billion Dollars paid by the Biden regime to 4000 hospital businesses USA wide for every doctor, EVERY DOCTOR! to be bribed AND THREATENED WITH LOSING THEIR LICENSE to recommend the Deathvaxx - Millions of people and babies dead, injured, genocided.
Legal Cases against these entities and doctors are now open with full evidence to win cases and prosecute these Nazi Doctors to the full extent of the law!
Nuremberg 2!

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⁣Pandemic Hysteria Is Here Globalists Kick Bird Flu Propaganda Into High Gear To Ram Through UN Treaty & Derail Another Election 9 May 2024]
⁣Covid Shot Causes Highest Kill Rate In History - Warns Top Doctor. ⁣Alex Jones talks with Dr. James Thorp about the aftermath of the covid vaccine.

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⁣Alex Jones & Nick Fuentes Discuss the Future of Free Speech In America & Worldwide 8 May 2024

Wakefield anti-vaxx movie. Trumps second term program to remove the deep state.

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⁣Trump Trial Collapses Into Chaos As Stormy Daniels Crumbles Under Cross-Examination

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⁣Trump's Imprisonment for Exercising First Amendment 7th May 2024

⁣With interviews from Roger Stone, Kirk Elliot & more!

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⁣Pfizer Head Says Cancer Is the New Covid After Injecting Billions With Compounds Confirmed to Cause Cancer 6May2024

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⁣Civil War Imminent, Alex Jones Warns The Threat Is Real 5May2024

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