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⁣Biden Admin Destroying Middle Class As Americans Awaken To UN’s Great Replacement Plan 21 june 2024

Jay Dyer on Satanism

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⁣Jay Dyer The New World Religion Is Ancient Satanic Mysticism 21 june 2024

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⁣Dr. David Martin joins Alex Jones live in-studio to break down howTexas is preparing criminal charges against Big Pharma.

⁣Dr. David Martin Evidence that the Deathvaxx is a bioweapon, that Bill Gates in his Ted Talk said with vaccines we can reduce the population by 10% = 800 million people dead!

WE know Fauci has been bought by the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires but no one else, lies by ommission, is mentioning this fact.

⁣Dr. David Martin Evidence that Rand Paul puposely held back evidence that Fauci used Gain of Function because he has been bought, that he is a Gatekeeper.

⁣Dr. David Martin says thare are many bought people traitors who are promoting the lullaby that things are going well, that Trump did not know about the Deathvaxx when he signed it into law, that WHO has been defeated.

If you catch a Gatekeeper in one lie who knows what other lies they are spreading.

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⁣States Preparing Criminal Charges Against Big Pharma In Response To Mass Vaccine Injury & Death!

Dr. David Martin Joins Alex Jones In-Studio To Discuss The Bombshell Developments

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Blackrock Vanguard Rothschilds ⁣Illegal Immigrants Being Housed and Trained at American Universities in 15 minute cities under the UN
If you were destroying America from within, how would it look different?

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⁣Bob Marley Assassinated by the CIA.. War No More Trouble (Live At The Rainbow Theatre, London 1977)

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⁣CBDC, The Fall of the Petrodollar, Daniel Estulin Posthumanity - Feds Fail To Take Over InfoWars 15 June 2024

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⁣Russell Brand Joins Alex Jones To Discuss Spiritual Warfare And The Future Of Humanity 13 june 2024

⁣I also have to warn you again about Russell Brand. The guy has some charisma, but he has been hired to control the opposition. He is not your friend. He is spouting a bunch of new-age
spiritual stuff like Jim Carrey, but it is the usual conjob. It is the attempt to capture my audience by channeling my spirit.pdf paper, but watering it down and flipping it. I have seen Alex Jones trying
to do that, too, breaking into spirituality sermons, but Brand is a bit better at it, just because he is prettier
and has a better vocal presentation. Brand gives himself away in every sermon, though, because all you have to is look at his tats, which are stridently Phoenician, including the number 33, as 3 is a bottom, 33 is Sodomy - the Phoenician Sodomy Ritual - the all-seeing eye tattooed is the Anus, and the word “ecstasy” tattooed above his pubes. You can't see that last one, admittedly, but he flashes the 33 all the time.

I also remind you of this article from Buzzfeed from ten years ago, entitled “29 good reasons
you should worship Russell Brand as a god”. Not
33 good reasons?

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⁣Tucker Carlson Breaks The Internet In Powerful Interview With Alex Jones 13 June 2024

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⁣Maria Zeee and Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes Digital Currency Globalist Banker Coup 12 June 2024

Australia makes a law mandating digital identity on the way to total slavery of the population.

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⁣Hunter Biden Convicted On All Three Counts 11 June 2024

Maria Zeee and Catharine Austin Fitts on the slave landia created by CBDC's

Anti 5G clothing by MIA

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⁣Nuclear War, Vaxxine injuries offerred MAID Alex Jones, Mikki Willis 7June2024

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Stargate SG-1 - S05E02 - Threshold (3) (1080p x265 EDGE2020)

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⁣MRNA Vaxx Expert Dr David Martin and Russel Brand - Ebola Weaponised

The United Nations was founded for the control of the drug trade on from the British East India Company and the British Commonwealth..

⁣Martin - In 2019 "The Global Preparedness Moderating Board" called a marketing plan for a universal mandate for Vaxxines by September 2020. This was Covid19

This is the next round of the drug trade is to produce genetically modified humans.

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⁣Russian Government Officially Calls USA Enemy For First Time As NATO Bombs Rain Down Inside Russia 5June2024

Covid vaccine officially increases deaths

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⁣Dems File Federal Action to Close Infowars June 14, Lara Logan destroys NWO

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⁣Sterilisation of the World by Vaccines - Stargate SG-1 - S04E16 - 2010

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⁣The Last Alex Jones Broadcast From Infowars 3June2024

Victor Bout - the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires are a suicide cult who want to genocide all humanity.

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⁣Infowars Is Still On Air But Could Be Shuttered Within 24 Hours 2June2024

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⁣The Satanic Destruction of Infowars and Alex Jones - Patriots Rally 1June 2024

After the Trump conviction the Satanists go full censorship shutdown.

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