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Andrew Tate PBD EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Jail Life BBC Reaction Matrix Religion Future Plans

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⁣Andrew Tate PBD EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Jail Life BBC Reaction Matrix Religion Future Plans

Andrew Tate on the discipline and hard work necessary to become a man in this competitive world.

I like his exposition of discpline and hard work expounded in the Interview of Andrew tate with Tucker Carlson at minute...


Have respect for yourself and weight train to look good and feel totally energised. Actualise the superpower of speaking and selling and persuading. Do not complain ever. Man up and overcome everything sent against you. You have to overcome the shit to be the shit. You do not have time to be depressed. Master your emotions and do!

I do not agree with the theories of psychologists as these theories were imagined by a pedophile, Freud, who hid the pedophilia of fathers and mothers on their children by calling the results hysteria then performing hysterectomies and lobotomies on the victims to hide the offence.

I will overcome every psychological weakness by myself!

However your core energy rather than peripheral energy in arms and legs is more increased by Agnisar Kriya, Yoga, Pranayama and Energy Enhancement Meditation.

Meditation to create superpowers of Chi and psychic powers talked about in every ⁣meditation book including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali also transmute negative situations and emotions.

⁣The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Satchidanand Book One, Sutra One - Here are complete Instructions on Enlightenment...


For example at this minute in the video Andrew Tate mentions that since the police raided his house at 5am in the morning he continuously wakes up before 5am.

And at this minute in the video the guy continuously asks Andrew how to overcome heartbreak which still affects him after being dumped many years ago.

These experiences are normal and create bblockages in the mind which must be overcome and can only be overcome with Energy Enhancement Meditation.

These psychic blockages associated with negative emotions can be transmuted and removed from the mind by the Energy Enhancement Meditation Seven Step Process.

As well as negative experiences from this lifetime which affect our daily performance in a competitive world the Energy Enhancement Meditation Seven Step Process is used on all our previous lifetimes in the the Energy Enhancement Meditation Karma Cleaning Process to totally clean the Augean Stables.

One of the twelve labours of Hercules the Augean Stables were cleaned by Hercules by aiming, moving the course of a river through the stables to clean not just one piece of shit, but all the shit because to be the shit in this competitive world, you have to overcome all the shit, to clean all the shit.

It is not enough just to overcome the worldly opposition. The real competition in this world is against yourself. You are the only one who limits yourself and the 5000 years old practises of Meditation are designed more than any other practises requiring discipline and hard work to remove all limits and gain full access to the energies of God.

After you have got all the women. After you have the car, palace, yacht, private jet, What next?

Energy Enhancement Meditation provides the answer.

To master the video game of life you have to overcome All the opposition by obtaining super psychic powers and removing your ego, Opening your Heart of Christ in order to help all people and become enlightened.


Whois the happiest person? He who makes everyone around him happy.

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