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Dr. David Martin Evidence that the Deathvaxx is a bioweapon

3 Views· 20/06/24

⁣Dr. David Martin joins Alex Jones live in-studio to break down howTexas is preparing criminal charges against Big Pharma.

⁣Dr. David Martin Evidence that the Deathvaxx is a bioweapon, that Bill Gates in his Ted Talk said with vaccines we can reduce the population by 10% = 800 million people dead!

WE know Fauci has been bought by the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires but no one else, lies by ommission, is mentioning this fact.

⁣Dr. David Martin Evidence that Rand Paul puposely held back evidence that Fauci used Gain of Function because he has been bought, that he is a Gatekeeper.

⁣Dr. David Martin says thare are many bought people traitors who are promoting the lullaby that things are going well, that Trump did not know about the Deathvaxx when he signed it into law, that WHO has been defeated.

If you catch a Gatekeeper in one lie who knows what other lies they are spreading.

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