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Globalists Reeling as Americans Galvanize Against The Great Reset – Humanity Is Waking Up

5 Views· 02/03/23

⁣Globalists Reeling as Americans Galvanize Against The Great Reset – Humanity Is Waking Up

The Toxic Cloud in Ohio Looks Staged


How do I know? Because Netflix predicted it just a few months ago, in the film
White Noise by Noah Bombach. A train derailment and toxic chemical release
happened in that film in. . . East Palestine, Ohio, with townspeople appearing
as extras. If you think that is just a coincidence, you may need to remove the
mask and breathe deeply. I will be told that doesn't mean it is fake, it just
means it was planned. No, most likely planned and faked.

Strawberry Fields, nothing is real, remember. This is Hollywood we are dealing with, in cahoots with Intel. The Matrix. They need these big scary events in the news every
night, so they have to stage them.

The constant fear porn of train derailments and millions of dead chickens and Chinese spy balloons and food plant fires and generator explosions and rapes and murders galore not only keeps you stunned with fear and dread, helping them sell you more antidepressants and driving any revolution into the future, it diverts you from what you should be focusing on:

The vaccine genocide, the torching of the Constitution, widespread illegal

censorship, and the destruction of search engines—to control all information.

And here's the clincher: the cloud we have all seen is black. Burning vinyl

chloride produces white smoke.

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