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Table Talk on Interesting Meditation and Against Satanism Subjects

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⁣⁣Satchi and Nickananda 2 hour talk 16Sept2023

Here is an interesting video called Table Talk, Nickananda and Satchidanand talk on a variety of interesting meditation and Against Satanism subjects at the dinner table.

How Sat of Satchidananda comes from Satya and how Satya means the truth and how the truth is that which cannot change and how the only thing which cannot change is God and how everything else is a lie from the father of lies, the Devil, Satan, Lucifer and his Demons and his Dark Gods.

Propaganda is like that. Misinformation, Malinformation. Wrong infromation and its opposite called Intelligence or Intel by the security services like the CIA or MI6.

And the suppression of that Intel, thus "I won't be silent" the song by Guy Richie in Disney's Aladdin. A Lad Insane..

Because when you have Truth, you have intelligence, wisdom.

When you have lies from the father of Lies you have propaganda, mind control, stupidity.

You are intelligent only by the truth of your information.

In meditation we would say you are intelligent only by your connection with God.

Even those with high IQs, when they have misinformation, they are idiots.

"Intellectuals are the most intensely stupid" from Dangerous Liasons a fantastic movie with Keanu Reaves, Uma Thurman, John Malkovich and Glen Close.

Because when you have GIGO, in computer parlance, Garbage in, Garbage out...

When you are fed by misinformation.

You have intense stupidity.

Thus the poison of Cancer virus, Green Monkey virus sv40 being put into, contaminating every shot since the 1950's - there was no cancer at all before the shots - by Jonas Salk who admitted on video that he had murdered 500 million people, most dying in intense pain, and that because of that the profits of the medical industrial complex had increased so that medicine as a business was third in profits only to petroleum and armaments.

The poisons of rat poison Fluoride, Roundup, Glyphosate, Pesticides, Frankenstein Food, Masks, MRNA are not talked about by the misinformed but only by the intelligent which has nothing to do with IQ, only with truthful information.

Their Intelligence or Intel.

Here we talk about truthful information but also the connection with God through Energy Enhancement Meditation.... The Only Solution to Satanism

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